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July 11, 2022

Dental implants have come a long way in providing a natural substitute for a lost tooth’s root. In my opinion, the only thing better than natural teeth is a set of dental implants. In this way, the tooth root and jawbone can once again form a mutually beneficial relationship. In the absence of this connection, your jawbone tissue will begin to deteriorate over time.

Implants are not the only way to get a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Here are few such advantages:

Improves your Overall Appearance.

After losing one or more of your adult teeth, it is common to feel ashamed and uncomfortable speaking or attempting to laugh openly. However, there is good news: you can get dental implants that mimic your natural teeth’ appearance and feel. They seem natural and are a good match for your other teeth’s shade. Unlike dentures, they do not require metal hooks to hold them in place. Every person who sees you will be mesmerized by the beauty of your grin, and no one will suspect anything unless you choose to tell them.

Improves Communication and Comfort.

Unfortunately, many people with dentures that do not fit properly experience awkward moments when eating certain meals or speaking clearly because their teeth slip out of their mouth unexpectedly. Dental implants are not as scary as other tooth replacement solutions, which might slip, restrict your food choices and even affect how you speak because of their instability.

Prevents Bone Loss

When teeth are missing, the underlying bone in the empty region is no longer stimulated, resulting in bone deterioration over time. Your jaw bone in this area may shrink by up to 25% if you do not have a dental implant during the first year after losing a tooth.

Dentures loosen and begin rubbing against the bone, can accelerate bone loss. Dentures cannot stop bone loss, but they can exacerbate it. An artificial tooth root is provided via dental implants. Whether it is artificial or not, your body does not care. As with natural teeth, your new dental implant will be anchored firmly by fusing your jawbones around it.

Long- Lasting

In the long run, implants provide long-term stability and strength since they genuinely integrate with your current bone structure. An implant can last a lifetime if it is appropriately taken care of and operates as intended in feeling and looking as your natural teeth, giving you greater self-confidence while offering better value for your money.

Natural and Permanent

Dental implants closely resemble a person’s natural teeth. Bridges and dentures can duplicate the tooth crown’s visible portion, but they cannot replace the tooth’s root. Part of the restoration, known as a dental implant, replaces your natural tooth root in some way. Your jawbone will fuse with the implanted post, much like a natural tooth root. It gives your new implant the strength and stability it needs to absorb the stress your teeth go through when you eat and chew, which dentures cannot do.

 Preserves Facial Features

Because of the loss of jawbone material in the area, your cheeks will tend to fold inward when you lose your permanent teeth. Faster face aging, which can make you appear much older than you are, occurs when this condition becomes more prominently noticeable. As a result of bone deterioration caused by missing teeth, face collapse can be avoided by dental implants.

No More Cavities

As long as you clean around the implant site properly to remove any bacteria that could lead to infection and weakening of your gums, which in severe cases could cause implant failure, cavities are no longer an issue for you.

The Health of your Teeth is Unaffected. 

When a conventional dental bridge is used, the teeth on either side of the ‘gap’ must be adjusted to join it to the implant-supported teeth. In contrast, implants are a stand-alone therapy that does not rely on neighboring teeth to support them.

Fixtures are Permanent

Unlike dentures, which must be taken out at night to be cleaned, a dental implant can stay in your mouth all night long. No more worrying about slipping and slippage; they are just as easy to care for as real teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

Make an Appointment for a Dental Implant

Missing teeth? Do you want to see how dental implants can restore your smile and your ability to eat, speak, and usually chew again? Denture wearers dissatisfied with their current treatment options may also benefit from this information. Please call or make an appointment to one of our HTown Dental offices to set up a consultation for your initial dental implants.

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