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H-Town Dental in Houston offers endodontics treatment that is both affordable and of high quality. If you’re looking for a low-cost endodontist in Houston, H-Town Dental is the place to go. Our dental team is kind and knowledgeable, and they will go out of their way to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. If you require endodontic treatment, our team is prepared to put you at ease and keep you updated throughout the process.

H-Town Dental is honored to be the parent business of three Houston-area dental practices. Our dental offices in Houston are near East Houston, Magnolia, and Bellaire. We provide a wide range of services to guarantee that we can meet all of your dental needs. We offer a variety of services, including dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, endodontics, emergency dental care, and pediatric dental care. For assistance, visit one of our Houston, Texas offices.


What exactly is endodontics?

The study and treatment of the dental pulp, which is the soft inner tissue found within a tooth, is the focus of this dentistry specialty. The term comes from two Greek words: endo, which means inside, and odont, which means tooth. A dentist who specializes in the treatment of endodontic diseases is known as an endodontist.

What type of treatments are involved in endodontics?

Root canal treatment -This is a procedure that is done under local anesthetic to salvage a tooth by removing a damaged nerve and possibly infected pulp. The specialist removes the inflamed or infected pulp with various tools before cleaning and disinfecting the tooth to prevent infection. After cleaning the tooth, the endodontist fills and seals the cavity with gutta-percha, a rubber-like substance. After that, the tooth is usually repaired with a crown or filling to provide long-term protection. Treatment options for infected teeth that aren’t appropriate for endodontics are limited, and extraction is usually the only alternative.

Endodontics re-treatment -This is a type of treatment that is given to those who have already had root canal therapy. Months or even years after the first root canal procedure, the root canal might become uncomfortable or infected. The reasons for treatment failure are unknown; however they could be due to a bad initial treatment or a complicated canal system. Re-treatment is difficult and not always achievable, especially if the tooth has a large post.

Endodontics surgery– This is a treatment that aids in the detection of tiny fractures or hidden canals that were missed by x-rays or a previous nonsurgical root canal. The therapy aids in the removal of calcium deposits as well as the treatment of injured root surfaces and surrounding bone. The apicectomy, also known as root end resection, is a common surgical surgery. Depending on the region, oral surgeons or endodontists give these services.

H-Town Dental is honored to be the parent business of three Houston-area dental practices. Individualized attention is combined with cost-effective, cutting-edge dental care for people of all ages. We also offer other services such as dentures, dental implants, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening and emergency dental services around Houston.


Is Endodontics Treatment Painful?

Many people are afraid of endodontic treatments, particularly root canals, because they have heard that they are painful. There is no need to be concerned because specialists are trained to manage and treat any type of pain. The operations are usually painless once the nerve has been extracted from the tooth.

When Is Endodontic Surgery Necessary?

When the root canal operation fails to save your tooth, endodontic surgery is performed. This occurs when the root canal is severely damaged or when the root surface is infected.

Why Is It Necessary To Remove Nerve Tissue Or Pulp?

Bacteria have infiltrated the nerve tissue or pulp, producing infections within the tooth and the formation of pus at the end of a tooth root, causing swelling. Swelling in other regions of the body, such as the head and neck, is a possibility.

Root Canal Damage: What Causes It?

Increased tooth decay damages the nerve endings and pulp of a tooth over time. Small germs within the tooth emit acidic chemicals, which cause tooth decay. This occurs when patients fail to brush their teeth on a regular basis, leaving food particles behind. These particles offer food for the bacteria that dwell in your mouth, and the bacteria emit acidic waste products that harm your teeth and cause decay.

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